3D Printed Aliens at Surrey Centre Elementary School

  Aliens, aliens, and aliens!  All these aliens are brought to you by Surrey Centre Elementary School’s Grade 6 and 7 class. Ms. Bains and Ms. Jackson both organized this... (Read More)

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Rosemary Heights Elementary and 3D Printing

  Bronson, a Grade 4 student from Rosemary Heights Elementary School in Surrey BC, designed a boat all by himself during Makerspace at school. During Makerspace, students are given an opportunity... (Read More)


3D Printing at Strawberry Hill Elementary

  Today, we have projects from Grade 4-7 Students at Strawberry Hill Elementary in Surrey, BC! These students used Project Ignite & TinkerCad to build, design, and then print their... (Read More)

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Collingwood 3D Rubber Band Car Project

  Today we are bringing to you…… Rubber Band Powered Race Cars! This project was created by Grade 9 students from Collingwood School, Vancouver BC.  The students were split into... (Read More)


Tinkerine Suite Version 2.0 + Firmware Update!

  Hi Everyone! Justin here, the lead software developer here at Tinkerine. We’re happy to announce that a big update is available for Tinkerine Suite which brings it to version 2.0. You... (Read More)


Tinkerine Suite 2.0: Using the pause point feature

Hi there, this is Justin, the lead software developer here at Tinkerine. In this blog post, I’ll show you one of the new features in Tinkerine Suite: Pause points. I’ll... (Read More)


3D & Additive Manufacturing Conference 2016

  Last Wednesday, Tinkerine had the pleasure to be a part of the 3D & Additive Manufacturing Conference hosted by the City of Surrey. The conference had the most updated news... (Read More)


Workshop: Build a 3D Printed Micro Drone

  The 3D printed drone workshop is back! The workshop is an introduction to 3D printing and how it can be used to develop micro quadcopters. Each participant will gain hands-on... (Read More)


Get up close and personal with Pluto!

Pluto was first discovered in 1930 and for the last 85 years all we could see was a blurry spot. Just this week NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft started its flyby... (Read More)