One 3D printer per student per STEAM classroom.
That’s the vision we have for the standard of education technology.
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The Vision

The 3D printer is more than a toy-making robot. In the right hands, it is a powerful tool that engages the mind and expands our learning experience. It brings out the ideas in our head and turns them into tangible objects, ready for us to analyze and validate. The ability to recognize, embrace, and learn from our mistakes—and to do so in an accelerated, low-consequence manner—is invaluable to the growth of our next generation.

From critical thinking to creativity, the 3D printer is the perfect helper for learning the 21st-century skills necessary to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

To make the opportunity to develop these essential skills more readily available, we envision a learning environment where each student in every STEAM classroom is equipped with a 3D printer. Removing the time constraint of sharing printers enables students to focus on what really matters: engineering real world problems, expanding their creativity and so much more. The 1:1:1 education bundle is a big step towards making this vision a reality.

Dedication to Education
Here at Tinkerine, we’ve always believed in the marriage of technology and education. We've focused great efforts on researching and building the necessary tools and resources to help educators confidently incorporate 3D printers in the classroom. Explore these resources on Tinkerine U, our educational content platform!
Beyond the collection of free content and resources available on Tinkerine U, we also offer professional development courses and certificates as part of the 1:1:1 initiative. Ultimately, we want to help educators teach 3D printing and design thinking with confidence!
The PD & Essentials Bundle
$2,249 CAD ($2,849)
What's Included
1 DittoPro 3D Printer
1 Essentials Certification License
Optional Add-ons
Campaign Duration
January 15 - February 15, 2018
Currently British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario only.
Limited to 2 per institution at discounted price.
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Tinkerine’s 1:1:1 Education PD Bundle is open to schools and other educational institutions in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, Canada only. Offer available from January 15 to February 15, 2018. Taxes and shipping fees not included in the pricing above. All orders require official approval from Tinkerine.

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