Channel Partner Benifits

Demand Creation for Tinkerine Products

  • Innovative event marketing models, sales support tools, materials, branding programs, toolkit, display units, and loaner programs
  • Strong branding and social media driven partner within the network of certified Tinkerine channel partners
  • Co-Op marketing fund allocated to subsidize your marketing activities such as event marketing, e-mail campaigns, mail outs,
    conferences that generate new business, and revenue opportunities
  • POP (Point of Purchase) displays and kiosks for retail environments such as libraries and bookstores

High Margin on Value-Added Services and Education

  • Value-added services includes warranty services, professional services, managed print services, and more
  • Volume discounts
  • Premium access to Tinkerine’s trusted global network and Tinkerine U, a comprehensive 3D printing training and educational technology platform
  • A proven and repeatable recurring revenue model to increase profitability and your ability to offer reward based compensation and future ancillary revenue streams

Transfer of Knowledge & Technology

  • A reliable knowledge transfer process through certification raises the bar and ensures up-to-date knowledge on the market, innovation, and current technology
  • Complete training courses on maintenance and support infrastructure to provide superior services and better customer interaction
  • Service bureau business model
  • Sales training to help you become more productive, improve high margin and revenue, enhance customer relationships, and deliver appropriate, superior solutions

Why Tinkerine?

Technical Support

  • Toll free support about Tinkerine products, workshops, current events, and programs
  • Certification and education, training, and high value-added services to improve margin

Certification of Expert Skills

  • Transfer of well proven technical know-how to our channel partners through the certification process and regular updates
  • Expert domain knowledge in different vertical markets
  • Regular update workshops on latest 3D printing trends and technology to develop a long term growth strategy
  • Challenges of Distribution are addressed and solutions will be provided under a collaborate environment
  • Channel is a tightly coupled extension of Tinkerine

Innovative Technology

  • Tinkerine places a priority on R&D to develop new and innovative solutions to address the emerging markets and evolving technology environments
  • Global and neighbourly channel network
  • Product life cycle and recurring revenue

Customized Support Solution

  • Customer training to enable them to be self sufficient
  • Dedicated help desk, toll free line, extended warranty, and managed printed services
  • Review and evaluation process for future improvement, and market share achievement
  • Pre- and Post-sales support
  • Exclusive co-op marketing development funding program

Ready to Get Started?

It is the right time to join the Tinkerine Channel Program to provide innovative, next generation 3D printing solution to your clients, kick-start to enter new emerging market. With a proven streamlined partner program, you will leverage your experience in your domain to increase your revenue stream, improve customer services, and capture your market share in 3D printing. For your private confidential discussion with Tinkerine, please feel free to contact the Tinkerine channel organization.

Please note: All Tinkerine Channel Partners must meet stringent certification process to become an authorized Tinkerine Channel Partner, regardless of membership level.  Requirements may or differ from region to region. Learn more about our specific channel terms and conditions, and the additional channel partner benefits to better understand the details of what is required for your region of interest.

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