Community Rules of Conduct

Welcome to Tinkerine U! Before you start connecting with the community here, please take the time to familiarize yourself with a few simple rules.

1. Keep it Organized

Before posting a new topic, please make sure to think about which category it belongs to. Here’s a quick breakdown of the difference between each category.

Discussions: This category is for, well, general discussions. Everyone’s comments are subjective here.

Q&A: You can think of this as troubleshooting or knowledge seeking. There are definite answers or solutions to each question.

Show & Tell: This is the place to share your personal projects and experiences, whether it’s your latest 3D print, your first 3D model, or tips and tricks you’ve acquired along the way on your 3D printing journey. Any work in progress is also welcome here.

2. Keep it Appropriate

This one’s simple. Do not upload or post any violent, sexual, copyright-infringing, or otherwise inappropriate or illegal content.

3. Keep it Civilized

Be constructive. Be respectful. Do not use offensive or abusive language. We’re all entitled to our right to disagree with fellow community members; however, it’s important to do so in a civilized manner.

That’s it! Please respect these simple rules, otherwise we may be forced to have your account suspended or banned. And we certainly don’t enjoy all that power.

One last thing: we could potentially modify, remove, or add to existing rules at any time without notice. It’s a good idea to check this page periodically for the most updated version of the rules.

Happy Posting!

Team Tinkerine U