Tinkerine Protect
All DittoPro 3D Printers come with one year of limited warranty. With Tinkerine Protect, add even greater protection to your favourite printer.
Protect Protect+
Hotend Replacement yes yes
Complimentary Maintenance yes
One-Year Extended Warranty yes
Hotend replacement

Printer jamming is no fun, but unfortunately it could happen to even the best of us. With Tinkerine Protect, receive complimentary hotend replacements covering servicing fees and brand new parts.

  • Three hotend replacements per warranty year
  • Unused quota does not carry over year to year
  • extruder
    Complimentary maintenance

    Tinkerine Protect+ takes great care of your DittoPro. This includes a complete printer check-up, cleaning, and recalibrating core printer mechanisms to make your DittoPro as good as new.

  • Included in Tinkerine Protect+ only
  • Operational errors by the user are not covered
  • Normal wear and tear is not covered
  • extruder
    One-year extended warranty

    Have peace of mind with an additional year of warranty on your DittoPro. This covers labour charges on any hardware repairs.

  • Included in Tinkerine Protect+ only
  • Maximum 12 times per warranty year
  • Parts and shipping costs are not covered
  • Get in touch for purchasing and inquiries!
    Tinkerine Protect is available within 15 calendar days from the date of purchase of a DittoPro 3D Printer. Limited to organizations and institutions in North America only. All orders require official approval from Tinkerine.

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