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Meet Tinkerine™ Suite, the most user-friendly 3D slicing software. With its clean, minimal interface and an array of powerful features, it makes integrating 3D printing in the classroom as easy as 1-2-3.

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Windows XP or above
Tinkerine Suite interface with 2 models and rotate function example.
Upgraded performance

Tinkerine Suite 3.0 runs on an upgraded slicing algorithm. From more accurate support structures to smarter infills, the enhanced performance helps the class print more efficiently and reliably.


With a new facelift, the interface remains simple and clean. Not only are the controls more streamlined, but the illustrated tooltips also make adopting 3D printing easier than ever.

Tinkerine Suite interface with resolution dropdown with explanations.
Tinkerine Suite interface showing wifi sending to printer function.
Wi-Fi printing

Tinkerine Suite 3.0 supports Wi-Fi printing. Import, slice, and wirelessly send 3D models to the printer. It makes the design-to-print workflow efficient and hassle-free.

Features at a glance
Speed Icon
Reliably fast
Blazing fast slicing speed with high-quality results.
Interface icon
Efficient interface
Clean, minimal, and user-friendly interface.
Wifi Icon
Wi-Fi printing
Smooth workflow from slicing to printing.
Information Icon
Illustrated tooltips
Beginner-friendly tooltips for gentle learning curve.
Manipulation Icon
Model manipulation
Scaling, duplicating, rotating, and more.
Time Icon
Print estimation
Accurate estimates of print time and filament usage.
Pausing Icon
Print pausing
User-added pause points for changing filament.
Windows Mac icon
High compatibility
Compatibility with both Windows and Mac.
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Download for Free (v3.0)
Windows XP or above
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Printers without on-board control menu (such as Litto without T.I.M.) require connection to a computer to print. Please download and install our hosting software here.

Download Firmware (v1.1.07c)
For DittoPro 3D Printer only