Meet Tinkerine™ Suite, the most user-friendly 3D slicing software. With its clean, minimal interface and an array of powerful features, it’s the perfect ally to your Ditto™ and Litto™ series 3D printers.

Download for Free (v2.0)
Windows XP or above
Efficient interface

Without overcomplicated, confusing settings, the minimal interface lets you do more with less. The elegant design is far more than refined aesthetics: it is a complete upgrade to your printing experience.

Take control

3D visualization, basic model manipulation, multi-model printing, support structure, print time estimation...Tinkerine Suite is packed with key features to give you full printing control when you need it.

Reliably fast

Tinkerine Suite runs on an engine that produces high quality results at a high speed. The reliably fast slicing gives you the freedom to iterate over your designs with maximum efficiency.

Free and
open source

Built with open source technology, Tinkerine Suite runs seamlessly on Windows and Mac. Compatible with a wide range of 3D modelling software, it can easily fit into your workflow.

Ready to get started?
Get TinkerineTM Suite for your DittoTM and LittoTM Series 3D printers.
Download for Free (v2.0)
Windows XP or above


Printers without on-board control menu (such as Litto without T.I.M.) require connection to a computer to print. Please download and install our hosting software here.

Download Firmware (v1.1.06)
For DittoPro 3D Printer only

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