Get up to $500 in credits towards a new
DittoPro Series 3D printer for your school.

1. Send us a picture of your school’s old 3D printer.
2. Receive credits towards the purchase of a Ditto.
3. Ship your old printer to us for free. We’ll recycle it.
4. Enjoy your brand new 3D printer!
Apply for your credits
Simply leave your contact information and upload a picture of your old printer. We’ll take care of the rest.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much credits would I receive?
You would get $500 in credits towards the purchase of a DittoPro-R 3D Printer, or $350 in credits towards the purchase of a DittoPro 3D Printer.
Who’s eligible for the trade-up program?
Any educational institutes in Canada.
What if I’m not in Canada?
Let us know anyway! We may open it up to other regions in the future.
When does the trade-up program end?
March 31, 2020.
Which printers are accepted?
We accept any branded 3D printers.
How many printers can I trade in?
You can trade in as many printers as you’d like. However, only one discount can be applied per DittoPro or DittoPro-R purchase.
How do I get my credits?
Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a quote for your DittoPro or DittoPro-R with credits applied. From there, we’ll need a purchase order or a form of payment from your school to proceed.
Can I use the trade-up credits along with other discounts?
The trade-up credits cannot be combined with other discounts. It can only be used towards the purchase of a DittoPro or DittoPro-R.
How do I send my printer in?
After we get a purchase order or a form of payment from your school, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label to send your old printer to us.
Is shipping free?
We’ll cover the shipping cost for your old printer. However, there will be regular shipping cost applied to the DittoPro or DittoPro-R purchase.
When will I get my DittoPro or DittoPro-R?
As soon as we receive your old printer, we’ll send the new printer your way.
What will you do with my old printer?
Leave it to us to responsibly recycle it for you!