PD Course for Educators (Elementary)

Bring 3D printing and design thinking into your STEAM classroom. Receive an official

certificate to celebrate your expertise.

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Course Benefits

The values you'll gain from this course set.

Gain Skills & Knowledge

Learn how to combine 3D
printing and STEAM learning.

Become Confident

Gain hands-on experience in
teaching 3D printing.

Personalize Your Class

Make the lesson plans yours.
Teach them at your own pace.

Get Recognized

Receive an official certificate
for 3D printing in education.

Course Content

Learn how to bring design and 3D printing into your classroom.

PD Course for Educators (Elementary)

Foster a STEAM classroom with 3D modelling and printing!

Educator's Certification (Elementary)

Get an official certificate for completing the course set.

Exercises & Worksheets

Try these ready-to-use exercises with your class. Build up your experience and confidence!

Exercise: The Hidden Beast

Learn the basics of navigation in a 3D workspace.

Exercise: Brick House Design

Understand orthographic projections and basic modelling techniques.

Exercise: Custom Challenge Design

Advanced modelling and lesson plan design for instructors.

Worksheet: The Hidden Beast Challenge

Explore the 3D workspace and find the answers

Worksheet: Orthographic Projection Challenge

Understand orthographic projections and start designing

Worksheet: Designing a Custom Lesson

Everything you need to start planning your first 3D printing lesson.

Become certified. Bring 3D printing into your classroom.

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