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[3D printing] promotes so much thinking.”
— Staci Woodruff, Rosemary Heights Elementary
There’s an awesome buzz of excitement in the classroom. [Students] are interacting with one another and … learning from each other.”
— Curtis Wiebe, Morgan Elementary
Something that everybody should learn is to be able to build or create.”
— Jeff Unruh, Pacific Heights Elementary
You have kids that don’t necessarily shine academically [but] really shine with the 3D printer. They’re engaged and they’re excited.”
— Jennifer Fernandes, Lynn Fripps Elementary
Students are so much more apt to take risks. They’re not worried about making mistakes. It really gets them into that [iterative] frame of mind.”
— Joe Ducklow, Lynn Fripps Elementary
All that learning you can’t see unless you do it.”
— Katie McMitchell, Lynn Fripps Elementary
Why 3D printing

Aligned to the ADST and STEAM curricula, our educational resources promote a project-based, hands-on learning process driven by technology and design thinking. 3D printing, with its ability to quickly materialize ideas, is a natural fit inside a 21st century learning environment.

Design thinking

At the heart of Tinkerine’s vision is a creative process called design thinking. Design thinking is taking a hands-on, user-centred approach to problem solving. It applies a structured framework that consists of a series of distinct phases.

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DittoPro 3D Printer

Certified, reliable, and elegant, the DittoPro is a STEAM teacher’s best friend.

Premium PLA Filament

High-purity, biodegradable, colourful. Our premium PLA filament is the new crayon for the classroom.

Tinkerine Suite

Clean, minimal, powerful. The most user-friendly 3D slicing software.