Follow the instructions below to properly clean and

disinfect the Tinkerine Face Shield.

1. Precautions for cleaning

  • Before you begin, protect yourself by wearing gloves, a face mask, and another face shield if possible.
  • Clean and disinfect the working surface thoroughly.
  • Only clean one face shield at a time to avoid cross-contamination.

2. Disassembling the face shield

  • Disassemble the face shield in the reverse order of the assembly:

    i. Remove the lower bracket (if applicable)
    ii. Remove the forehead cushion
    iii. Remove the knit elastic band
    iv. Remove the clips

  • Due to the porosity of the foam cushion, the knit elastic band, and the 3D printed clips, we cannot ensure that these parts can be fully sanitized after being used. It is strongly recommended that these parts are replaced regularly and immediately upon direct contact with patients.

3. Cleaning the PETG visor

It is strongly recommended to fully submerge the entire PETG visor in a disinfectant solution to ensure complete sanitization. If doing so is impossible, thoroughly spraying the visor with a disinfectant and wiping it down can also be effective. Our recommended disinfectants are:

Isopropyl alcohol (70%)
Hydrogen peroxide (28%)

To find out about specific products, please refer to the list of disinfectants approved by Health Canada.

4. Reassembling the face shield

To reassemble to face shield, use the disinfected PETG visor and a set of new replacement parts. Follow the assembly manual for step-by-step instructions.