We catch up with fellow tinkerer and teacher Jeff Unrah from Pacific Heights Elementary to see how he brings 3D printing to his class of Grade 6 and 7 students. As an avid tinkerer/builder, Jeff believes in fostering hands-on skill sets and allows students to design and create whatever they envision.

Using the DittoPro 3D Printer, Jeff has tasked his students with design challenges such as creating a custom cookie cutter and even repairing a broken stool that was going to be tossed away! In Jeff’s classroom, you can really see the flow of creativity and excitement among the students as they come up with wild ideas and quickly create physical prototypes to solve the challenges given to them.

Teachers like Jeff continue to inspire us at Tinkerine. For more information on Jeff’s experience with 3D printing in the classroom, be sure to check out his featured video!