In this episode of Tinkerine Stories, we meet up with Curtis Wiebe from Morgan Elementary to see how he incorporates 3D printing with his class of grade 4 students.

For more information on Curtis's experience with 3D printing in the classroom, be sure to check out his featured video!With a hands-on approach, Curtis uses the DittoPro 3D Printer to teach STEAM curriculum and expose his students to prototyping concepts. Understanding that every student is at a different level of technical proficiency, Curtis believes advanced learning tools like 3D modelling software and 3D printers have opened a new realm of possibilities for his students. Rather than conforming to the traditional way of teaching where the same content is delivered to the entire class, he can now assign advanced lessons for students who require a challenge. Furthermore, the flexibility of 3D printing technologies allows students to really own their learning and shape what they want to do.