"All that learning you can't see unless you do it"

In this episode of Tinkerine Stories, we visit Jennifer Fernandes and Katie McMitchell at Lynn Fripps Elementary in Langley School District to find out how their students did rose up to the challenge of making a 3D printed car!

The students were tasked with not only designing and creating the car itself, but also to come up with the criteria that the projects would be judged on. They decided that each car should have 4 wheels, a body, and axles to attach them together.

"They were able to talk using the terminology which is so key because ... for them to apply it to something that is so practical ... it makes them more aware of their everyday environment"

The focus of the activity was to get students thinking about the effects of friction and aerodynamics based on how they designed their cars. Check out the video below to hear the full story from Jennifer and Katie themselves!