Professional Skills Developement

Intro to manufacturing methodology with an emphasis on additive manufacturing

    Module 1: Production Methods

    Foundational concepts of 3DP and other manufacturing methods..

    Module 2: 3DP Technologies

    Breakdown of all major 3DP technologies.

    Module 3: Designing for 3DP

    3DP workflow and post-production techniques.

Essential Courses

    All About 3D Printing

    Discover different 3D printing technologies.

    Let's Get 3D Printing!

    Learn how to setup and use your 3D printer.

    Let's Get 3D Modelling!

    Explore 3D modelling software and techniques.

    Intermediate 3D Modelling

    Discover different 3D modelling tools and workflows.

    All About 3D Scanning

    Your intro to 3D scanning technologies.

    Essentials Certification

    Become a better you. Get certified in essential 3D printing knowledge.

PD Course for Educators (Elementary)

Bring 3D printing and design thinking into your STEAM classroom. Receive an official certificate to celebrate your expertise!

    PD Course for Educators (Elementary)

    Foster a STEAM classroom with 3D modelling and printing!

    Educator's Certification (Elementary)

    Complete the course and create a lesson plan to receive a certificate!

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