Making 3D printing accessible to the world.

Eugene Suyu
Co-founder & CEO
Eugene is the CEO and a director of the Company. He co-founded the Company in May 2012 and won BC Business 30 under 30 award in 2015. In January 2018, Eugene was named to the Government of Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Sounding Board. He graduated from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia with a BA.
Justin Sy
Co-founder, CTO & Lead Software Developer
Justin, one of the co-founders of Tinkerine, holds a BSc in design. Since the start of the company in 2012, he has led Tinkerine’s software development and hardware technology integration, in addition to serving as the Company’s interim CFO. He currently leads the deployment of Tinkerine Cloud and the transition for Tinkerine’s software ecosystem to a cloud-based platform.
Chris Lee
Chris is a corporate finance professional with international business experience providing financial and strategic direction across different industries including technology, travel and hospitality, mining and manufacturing. More recently he was involved as corporate finance advisor for companies in acquisition and divestiture transactions in Africa and South East Asia. He was CFO at a mobile games advertising platform, where he oversaw the strategic direction, fund raising and business development of the company. At a large Canadian hair product brand, he held the position of Vice President Finance and Operations where he planned and executed the expansion, growth, and increased profitability during his tenure.
Board of Directors
Bob Longo
CEO & President, Knowmatters Inc.

Bob Longo is the CEO & Founder of E2 for Schools. His teams work closely with education enterprises at all market levels (local, regional, state) and develop strategic programs in collaboration with major industry partners that simplify complex processes and provide many financial benefits for schools.

Mr. Longo previously has held senior positions with Apple & NeXT (acquired by Apple) over 13-years:

  • Division President & Corp. VP (Apple)
  • Head of Education Marketing (Apple)
  • Director of Eastern Operations HQ (NeXT)
  • Director of Education Sales (NeXT)
  • National Sales Director (NeXT)

Bob was also the founding CEO and Vice Chairman at Carnegie Learning, a leading adaptive math software developer and publisher that he spun-out of Carnegie Mellon University. Bob was recognized as an Ernst & Young Software Entrepreneur of the Year and invited twice to present at the US governors’ Education Technology Summit.

He has held other top-level executive positions including EVP of NorthAmerica at Studywiz, a virtual learning company, where he developed strategic relationships with major industry partners including Apple, Google and Microsoft. Mr. Longo was also a senior executive at Knowmatters, SchoolOne, Surefind Information, Revive Technologies,and Westinghouse Communications.

Todd Blatt
Founder, Custom 3D Stuff

Todd was an integral part of the MakerBot marketing team that successfully launched their physical NY store. Todd was selected as one of the 100 most influential individuals for 2013 in the 3D printing industry.