Show & Tell

    TinkTech | 002 | History of 3D Printing

    TinkChat | 016 | 3D Printing Applications in the Food Industry

    TinkMakes | 002 | Professional 3D Printed Camera Arm Under $300

    DittoPro Spool for Protopasta Filament

    Tinkering Cloud Beta Update!

    TinkMakes | 001 | Motorized Camera Dolly Conversion on a Budget

    Tinkerine Face Mask Clear

    DittoPro Hotend MK2 - RC1

    Clear Face Mask V1


    Tinkerine Face Shield - Lite

    Nasal Swab V4

    Nasal Swab V3

    Nasal Swabs V2

    Face Mask Ear Relief - V6

    Face Mask Ear Relief - V1

    Quick update on TinkChat with Eugene on 3D printing and Covid-19!

    Ventilator Splitter idea V1

    Tinkerine - Face Shield V9.4

    Fast Face Shield

    Tinkerine - Face Shield V8

    Foam testing beings!

    Newest Episode of TinkChat on COVID-19

    Tinkerine - Face Shield V4

    Tinkerine - Face Shield V3

    Tinkerine - Face Shield V2

    Tinkerine - Face Shield V1

    3D printed Tumbler

    Voyager Satellite Desktop Model

    Drill Bit for Coffee Bean Grinder

    Orchid Pot

    Minecraft and 3D Printing

    Alt key replacement for logitech keyboard

    It's color morphing time

    Enclosure for Arduino uno r3.

    Headphone wire clamp thingy

    Fat Cat Earbud Holder

    Red Wagon and possible SD holder

    TinkerCoin for Shopping Carts

    3d scan using a Faro Arm

    BRZ Fuse box cover

    Miniature Orchid Pot in Onshape

    Keychain tutorial in TinkerCAD

    GearBug (Simple Electric Car Project)

    Simple Watch Stand

    Micro Kossel Delta Printer

    Badminton Shuttlecock

    Honey Bee Hive - Entrance Reducer

    3D Printing for Engineering & Technical Drawings

    Multi-Color Prints (using layer change settings)

    Soccer Ball

    IMA Sam - Intermediate Arduino Explorer with Smartphone

    Designing Break-Away Support Structure

    IMA Juno - Introductory Arduino Exploration

    MyPie Catapult (Shoot Pies to the Skies!)

    VeggieMake (for introduction to Tinkercad)

    Simple and Adaptable Open Drone Frame

    Open Electronics Case

    Dyson Vacuum Hose Adaptor

    Honey Bee Hive - Observation Entrance Feeder

    EDF Jet Engine with Thrust Vectoring

    150:1 scale figure - My smallest print ever

    Printing Round(ish) Spheres

    Cutting Models to Avoid Support

    BB-8 Droid

    3D604 at Vancouver Makerfaire 2016

    Spinning Top


    Adhesion problems

    Ditto Pro and Octaprint

    Warped Prints

    Ventilator Splitter Research & Design Discussion

    Tinkerine Error when slicing

    Does anyone know the gantry height of the DittoPro?

    Dev Updates (3/29)

    Weight of empty spool?

    3D pen done right.

    Why do large prints curl?

    Everyday 3D printing uses

    Tinkerine U development update (6/23)

    How good are clay printers


    How to move the head for transportation

    Looking for a heated bed kit for my Ditto Pro

    Manually editing G-Code

    where can I find the stl of the gemstone used in smoothing test

    Name of files

    Tinkerine Studio v3 and macOS X Big Sur don't work

    Crash on Startup


    How to increase the print quality

    Err: Mintemp

    Where would you suggest I begin, with no CAD knowledge?

    Broken filament

    Tolerance Inbetween Prints?

    Filaments - Non toxic?

    DittoPro Profile in Cura

    Slicing - Use More Filament in Low than Med Res

    Print head crashing

    Odd issue with printer

    How fast does PLA biodegrade?

    Printer cleaning filament

    What is brim?

    Who Made This Program?

    What does it mean when a model is manifolded?

    Difference between 1.75mm and 3mm filament?

    Which 3D modeling software to use?

    Microns...why is every printer different?